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AI-ESG Management Platform

ESG-Pilot is a comprehensive, AI-powered platform that helps enterprises streamline their ESG management and carbon credit trading journey. 

With key features ranging from Boundary Setting and Carbon Data Analytics, to ESG Reporting and Carbon Credit Services, ESG-Pilot is designed for enterprises of all sizes that are committed to improving their ESG performance and achieving carbon neutrality.

ESG Management & Carbon Credit Trading Journey

ESG Index & Assessment

Global Business Sustainability Index

Global Business Sustainability Index (GBSI)

An Initiative collaborated with CUHK

GBSI was introduced in 2022 by the Center for Business Sustainability (CBS) at CUHK. It evaluates the ESG performance of companies worldwide on an annual basis. CUHK identifies and honors the top 10 companies as influential role models.

Recognizing the extensive time and manpower involved in the assessment process, our strategic partnership aims to harness the power of our proprietary AI-powered ESG-GPT technology to automate and enhance efficiency, accelerating ESG development.

Data Analytics

Uncover hidden trends and insights from massive datasets - AI analyzes your ESG data, revealing what truly matters for informed decision-making

Risk Assessment

Identify and mitigate ESG risks before they impact your business - AI scans for potential threats like climate change, labor issues, and governance gaps


Discover sustainable opportunities aligned with your values - AI guides you towards investments that generate profit while making a positive impact on the world


 Streamline ESG compliance tasks and stay ahead of regulations - AI automates tedious processes, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives


Foster meaningful dialogue with stakeholders on ESG issues - AI helps you gather feedback, address concerns, and build collaborative relationships


Get expert recommendations - AI helps suggest tailored solutions to address your specific ESG challenges and accelerate your sustainability journey

AI Applications in ESG

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A GPT in the ESG Domain —

Offering valuable ESG insights to different stakeholders to streamline the entire ESG system

Intelligence Fuels,

Co-creating a New Ecology of Wisdom.

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