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Intelligence Fuels, 
Co-creating a New Ecology of Wisdom.

What We Do

At MDAi, we deliver AI services and solutions that drive real value to urban systems and promote a sustainable future.

AI serves as a powerful tool for automating tasks and sparking novel ideas, empowering humans to excel in what truly matters - high-level thinking and decision-making.

Unlocking Humanity's Potential

At the forefront of innovation, AI technology empowers industries to develop groundbreaking solutions, propelling both economic success and environmental responsibility.

Pioneering Tomorrow, Responsibly

Imagine a future where technology helps us heal the planet, not harm it. That's what drives us. We harness AI's potential to create innovative solutions for resource management, climate change mitigation, and more.

Building a Thriving Planet, Together

Our Values

Edge AI

APOP, a leading Edge AI solutions provider, is not just a subsidiary of ours; it's your trusted IC design partner and secret weapon to unlock AI tasks in localized edge devices and achieve digital enterprise success.


With its proprietary edge AI chips, ATOM Series, and its flagship edge device, VisionEdge, APOP delivers customized edge AI solutions that empower enterprises to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

Web3 AI

QuantBit, a leading Web3 AI solutions provider, is not just a software company – it's a team of Web3 experts that combine technical prowess with a deep understanding of both AI and blockchain principles.

QuantBit's services extend beyond smart contract generation, content generation, digital asset creation, and algorithmic trading, propelling enterprises to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth through the transformative power of AI in the Web3 era.


ESG-Pilot, an all-in-one AI-powered ESG Platform, is built for enterprises to streamline their ESG management and carbon credit trading journey.

It is known that AI can be a game-changer to improve ESG practices: through data analytics, performance tracking, risk prediction, task automation and more. Our platform enables enterprises to gain a deeper understanding of their ESG impact, charting their course to a greener future together.

Our Business

Smart & Sustainable Projects​​

Inner Mongolia, China

Samal Island, Philippines

Fujian Province, China

Anhui Province, China


Using Data Intelligence to Drive Digital Transformation Program

Sprinter2 Programme

HKAI Accelerator Programme

Tech Raiser Programme

Road to GBA Challenge

Intelligence Fuels,

Co-creating a New Ecology of Wisdom.

Marvel Digital Ai Limited

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