MDAi is a technology company focused on developing disruptive AI solutions to revolutionize industries. Headquartered in Hong Kong, MDAi has established offices in GBA cities. Our mission is to build a world-class AI platform to empower and blend the physical and digital worlds. Our business areas are in Edge-AI, Big Data-AI and Web3-AI. Most importantly, we are not only a technology pioneer, we are also keen on applying our technologies to improve the human, environmental, social and economic aspects in order to preserve the sustainable world.

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  • 2022 - Winner of Using Data Intelligence to drive Digital Transformation Programme (GS1)
  • 2022 - Winner of Sprinter2 Programme (HSBC)
  • 2022 - Winner of HKAI Accelerator Programme (Alibaba Group)
  • 2022 - Winner of Tech Raiser Programme (PwC & HK Science Park)
  • 2021 - Winner of Road to GBA Challenge (PwC & HK Cyberport)
  • 2020 - Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva [Video]



Edge-AI Chips for Visual Intelligence

Empowering AI at the Edge

We have developed a breakthrough microprocessor technology uniquely designed to accelerate AI applications on edge devices.

AI-powered features involve complex computational operations which exceed the capacity and capability of existing IC components such as CPUs and GPUs. Engineered to execute intricate computations efficiently, our chips not only can deliver the computing power required to carry out demanding DNN operations, but also can achieve real-time performance and enhance digital privacy protection and security. In addition, our lightweight DNN framework and FiHS runtime libraries can offer more powerful and efficient solution for processing massive amount of data at the edge as well as support various DNN frameworks and models. As the technology continues to advance, we believe that our novel Edge-AI technology and platform will be the key to unlock future innovations, especially in AIoT, Digital Twin and Web3/Web5.

ASIC Design

High-performance, power-efficient and cost-effective

Re-configurable Architecture

Support re-configurable CNN and FC layers

Parallel Computing

Built-in high-efficiency parallel computing micro-architecture

Customized Hardware-compatible Runtimes and Libraries

Maximize performance across processors

Unified Platform

Support DNN models trained with a variety of frameworks and tools

Visual Intelligence

Object detection, object recognition, image reconstruction, video analytics


Data collection & pre-processing | DNN model training engine | Unified framework for model conversion | Light-weight model generation | FiHS runtime libraries and tools | Edge-based model learning and sharing | Proprietary edge AI chips for computer vision

Pattern discovery | Data mining | Machine learning | DNN | Data preparation for AI model training | Image/video/text/speech processing and analytics | Data exchange and conversion between the physical and digital worlds

Responsive/generative/emotion AI | AI-powered NFTs & smart contracts | Digital human avatars & NPCs creation | Content and scenes generation | AI-powered Web3/Web5 & Metaverse & Blockchain


Deep Learning-based Image Reconstruction and Super-Resolution

Create a high-resolution image from a low-resolution image.

Generation of 3D Models with Deep Learning

Generate a realistic 3D model from a single 2D image.

Conversion of 2D to 3D Images with CNN

Estimate the depth map of a 2D image and generate its 3D image automatically.

Object Detection and Recognition in Real-time Video Stream

Perform real-time object detection and recognition on devices by our lightweight DNN models.

Empower the Metaverse with AI

Build the realistic metaverse with generative and emotion AI.

DNN-based Text and Speech Recognition

Extract information from unstructured documents.

Bringing the Power of AI to the Internet of Things

The key to unlocking business value from industrial data.

Convergence of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

The integration of AI and blockchain brings new value to business.

AI for Sustainability

Using AI to help achieve sustainable development goals.


Hong Kong Head Office - Address

6/F, 16E, No. 16 Science Park East Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong.


+852 2839 8100

Shenzhen Head Office - Address

Rm 408, Bldg 10, BlkA, Gaoxin South 9th Street, Shenzhen Bay Ecology & Technology Park, Shenzhen, China.


+86 755-8348-5419

+86 755-8609-8661